Seven people (and a dog) are the ones who leave.

They are the eyes and voices of those who follow the adventures of this extraordinary journey from home.


Agronomist and videomaker. UAV (drone) pilot and CRI volunteer. For some years he has been teaching his children the difference between a tourist and a traveler. This time they learn it for sure.


Lawyer of the Rome Bar, expert in family law. She and she is the fearful of the group (she says prudent) but she is always the first to leave.


Last year of the socio-health professional institute. You have a real aptitude for helping people in need. An uncommon quality among the very young.


It will start the day after the eighth grade exam. Great travel enthusiast. From this year, his father will allow him to open his youtube channel to post his videos. They are fun.


Multilingual photographer and interpreter. Volunteer of the Italian Red Cross. She is the aunt of Ugo and Vicky


Dentist and volunteer of the CRI. It is the first of the volunteer doctors who will take turns following the expedition. Very young but with a lot of experience in international humanitarian aid.


Journalist and editor of numerous TV programs, she is the "official narrator" of a multi-voice travel diary.


Our four-legged mascot who lived on the street before joining the family! When you know it you will understand why it is called that.

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