Seven people (and a dog) set off on their way. They are your eyes and your voice as you follow the adventures of this extraordinary journey...


An agronomist and an entrepreneur. He works in all sorts of fields, from tourism to show business. He’s also a passionate drone pilot, a video maker, a Red Cross volunteer, and especially… a traveller!


A lawyer of the Court of Rome, with expertise in family law. She the most “fearful” of the group (she says she’s just cautious) but she’s always the first to pack to her bags..


She is studying to become a healthcare professional. It is clearly in her make-up to help those in need. A truly special quality for someone so young.


The youngest member of the group. He is a secondary school student and has his own YouTube channel. His videos are fun.


A journalist and scriptwriter for TV programmes. She is the “official narrator” of our shared logbook.


A photographer, translator, pilot and Red Cross volunteer. She is also mother to six boys and girls who may even catch up with us during the journey.


A dentist. She is the first in a series of volunteer physicians to take part in the expedition. She’s young but brings years of experience in international humanitarian aid. 


Our four-legged mascot. He was a “street-dog” before joining the family. Look at him closely and you will have not doubt as to where he got his name!

Videos, editing and images by Rodolfo Tucci • Copyright © 2021 Rodolfo Tucci - All rights reserved.